Grenier Computer Lab Dedication Celebrated

The Grenier family gathers for the dedication of the Grenier Computer Lab.

Several months ago, Donald Grenier (a Five-County CWS member) and his family turned grief into generosity after Donald’s father passed away. In spite of their sadness, the Grenier’s kept CWS in their thoughts and decided to donate funds in Mr. Grenier’s memory. The resulting donations were used to purchase new computers for the lab on Hampshire Street and now offers participants a host of ways to further their technology skills.

To celebrate the Grenier family’s generous spirit, CWS hosted a celebration on Monday, April 25 to mark the opening of the newly dedicated Grenier Computer Lab. Over 30 members of the Grenier family and CWS gathered to remember John Grenier, extend “Thank-Yous”, and unveil a plaque dedicating the room to John Grenier.

The computer lab has already been put to good use by the Job Club in preparing for interviews, searching for jobs, and creating letters and resumes. The new computers will help people refine their technology skills and open new avenues for exploring interests. Through the generous donations of the Grenier family, opportunity has been offered to others. Thank you!