Rebecca wins the gold at Special Olympics

Rebecca-Winter-Olympics Through Independent Living Services, Creative Work Systems supports people with disabilities to live independently in their homes. Services are tailored to meet the requirements of each person to live life independently and are customized based on the individuals needs. CWS helps by providing assistance preparing for work each day; planning leisure time and developing skills to connect with the community, relationship building, budgeting, accessing public transportation, and meal planning.

With assistance from Courtney Sherman of CWS Independent Living Services, Rebecca went to the winter Special Olympics to compete in cross country skiing for the first time January 27 to 29. More than just a sporting event, the weekend at Sugarloaf offered community to more than 500 athletes who also enjoyed a dance, concert, and delicious dinners.  She prepared for the event on the Wii Fit, visits to Smiling Hill Farm to practice on skis, and also time in the pool to develop the stamina and strength needed to compete. It’s all part of a fitness regimen that includes healthy eating and a smoking cessation program.

After the event, Rebecca said, “I loved it! I didn’t even think of it as a competition. I just did it!” Her hard work paid off – she won the gold medal for the 100 meters in cross country skiing! And the lasting benefit – she’s found a love for a new sport that will help her stay active during the winter.