Cultivation Works featured in book about Maine farms

penmor front coverCultivation Works was featured in a new book about Maine farms! Entitled Unique Maine Farms, the book chronicles Mary Quinn Doyle’s trek throughout Maine in search of — as the name suggests — unique farms. Her premise for the book was that “various types of farming and gardening can conceivably bring enjoyment and a sense of fulfillment to everyone.” In the end, Doyle spotlights, with photographs, a total of 178 farms in the state that deserved special attention.

The Sun Monthly covered the book’s publication and singled out four Maine farms in particular, including Cultivation Works. To read the full story in the Sun Monthly, see the Keep Me Current website.

The 296-page book can be ordered for $28 from its website, here. Proceeds from the sale of the books will be used to donate a complimentary copy of the book to every library in Maine, and to support the educational outreach components of the Unique Maine Farms project.