BI Program Expands to Augusta

BI house_350The CWS Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) program is expanding to Augusta. In addition to the existing three homes for program participants in Saco, two new homes—one three-bedroom and one five-bedroom—are currently under construction in Augusta.

“With new construction, we have been able to put even greater emphasis on participant accessibility needs and solutions,” says Matt Hickey, CWS Chief Operations Officer. Hickey adds that the expansion is especially gratifying as it is a result of the Office of Aging and Disability Services asking CWS help to fill the gap in the Augusta area in recognition of the agency’s Brain Injury leadership statewide.

ABI is a particularly challenging diagnosis, as the effects of an injury are unpredictable and complex, and can vary greatly from one individual to another. According to the Brain Injury Association of America, brain injury can affect neurons, nerve tracks, or various sections of the brain, potentially altering how an individual thinks, acts, feels or moves. Brain injury can also change complex internal functions of the body, such as how body temperature and blood pressure are regulated.

The CWS program provides the residential support necessary for people with ABI to regain life skills. In addition, CWS-certified Brain Injury Care Coordinators are fully prepared to respond to immediate and long-term care needs, monitoring the health, welfare and safety of the individual. They also provide centralized resources for information and referrals.

“We are very excited to be the first agency in the Augusta area to be able provide residential homes for residents looking to achieve their rehabilitation goals,” says Chris Monagle, Director of Brain Injury Services. “We value their needs and choices, and we hope to have the homes reflect their special interests.”

The three-bedroom residence in Augusta is expected to open at the beginning of March, and the five-bedroom home is scheduled to open in May.

For more information about the CWS Brain Injury program, contact Chris Monagle at 207.282.4173 or