Cultivation Works Grows Expertise

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Chris Callahan (center) addresses class in Vermont.

Cathrine Stanley, Farm Manager for Cultivation Works, recently attended a two-day course offered by Vermont Technical College in Shelburne, Vermont, and became certified in Growing Winter Greens in Cold Climates.

“This was an invaluable experience which afforded me the opportunity to work with great instructors and fellow farmers,” says Stanley. “The course work was cutting edge in that it offered instructions in so many areas of sustainable agriculture practices.”

Under the instruction of Chris Callahan, University of Vermont Extension Coordinator, Stanley attended classes that addressed innovative, cutting-edge practices for growing crops in cold climates like Vermont and Maine. Designed for commercial growers, teachers, gardeners and novice entrepreneurs, the course was split into two sections. The first part of the course focused on four key principles: growing the right crops, planting them at the right time, proper plant management and harvesting the crops for maximum yield. The second part of the course considered various ways to heat greenhouses using alternative energy and included farm visits to historic Shelburne Farm, Jericho Settlers Farm and Bread and Butter Farm.

Stanley is appreciative that CWS gave her the opportunity to participate in the extensive training, and believes the lessons learned will provide a significant boost to the CWS agricultural program.

“Growing winter greens has become a viable source of revenue for many of our farms in New England and across the country,” she says. “I’m hoping that we will be able to apply these techniques to our current high tunnel and future greenhouse.”