Brain Injury

Creative Work Systems provides a full array of residential, community, and employment support to people living with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). We believe that the best possible rehabilitation occurs when high quality, specialized services are delivered in an environment that promotes individual dignity. Individuals living with brain injury and their families demonstrate tremendous courage, perseverance and ingenuity. Our goal is to nurture that spirit and to assist individuals to regain maximum control over their own lives.

People living with Acquired Brain Injury will gain the skills and compensatory strategies necessary to handle day-to-day activities as independently as possible. These activities include meal preparation, shopping, housekeeping, time management, leisure activities, use of public transportation, and accessing other community services such as banks and libraries. Employment options can be explored for re-entry into the labor market.

Our Acquired Brain Injury Services provide 24-hour residential support. Located in quiet residential neighborhoods, the residences are comfortable, spacious and have attractive grounds for outdoor activities.

For more information, contact Chris Monagle, Director of Brain Injury Services: 207.879.1140;