Community Day Services

Community Day Services for people with disabilities are designed to maximize a person’s ability to manage everyday life activities in communities rich with resources. People become involved in a wide range of opportunities planned by and for them to address individual needs, goals and interests. Through life skills coaching and personal connections, individuals grow to become more active members of their community.

A variety of skill building options are offered: activities of daily living, cooking classes, personal care and hygiene training, community integration skills, safety at home, dynamic communication development, physical skill building, self expression and awareness, work readiness skills, volunteer opportunities, and artistic expression including music, dance, and visual arts. YES Art Works encompasses all of the art opportunities available through Community Day Services at Creative Work Systems. Cultivation Works, also part of Community Day Services, is Creative Work Systems’ agriculture curriculum and sustainable farming program, which provides individuals with an agricultural experience that promotes personal growth through the development of self-esteem, self-confidence, and independence.

Community Day Services are available in South Portland, Auburn, and Saco. Any level of support is available based upon individual needs.

Activities Include:

  • Developing relationships and establishing links with community members, including the local business community.
  • Choosing activities and developing an ever-changing and expanding “Monthly Community Schedule”.
  • Offering exercise opportunities with access to local gyms, personal training, and outdoor exercise activities.
  • Providing extensive arts opportunities including traditional media, weaving, pottery, music and dance. Art is frequently exhibited at local galleries and other public venues. YES Art Works, a service of CWS, seeks to foster artistic expression and provide opportunities for the sale of artwork.
  • Volunteering for local organizations including animal shelters, Meals on Wheels, nursing homes, and food banks.
  • Gardening and incorporating harvests into the cooking curriculum through Cultivation Works, a program that connects people to farming and farm employment.
  • Building community independence, including money handling, transportation and safety skills.
  • Participating in the CWS theater or music groups that offer performances in the local community.
  • Developing self-advocacy through group meetings.