Dreams from the Hardt

Dreams from the Hardt is a wish-granting service established for Creative Work Systems’ members to assist Maine people with disabilities and funded by the John-David Hindle Hardt Fund. The Fund was established in 2005 to commemorate a life of generosity, of kindness, of good humor and beauty. That life was John-David’s.

In John-David’s work, the pursuit of the unattainable and the elusive was a challenge to be conquered. With deep passion, a keen mind and dogged determination, John-David sought to make people’s dreams live. In so doing, he encouraged us all to believe in the power of harnessing resources to make dreams come true.

John-David Hardt

John-David Hardt inspired the Dreams from the Hardt wish-granting fund.

At CWS, we share John-David’s belief in the passion and potential of dreams to shape lives. We believe that the power of fulfilled dreams brings happiness, a deeper connection to life’s possibilities and joy to the dreamer. It inspires us to be ever more thoughtful as listeners to the dreams people with disabilities share with us so that one more dream can come true.

The magic of dream granting starts with a referral. People using CWS services can apply directly, their families can apply, and any CWS Team member can apply on behalf of an individual.

Download the application.

It is the hope of CWS that people everywhere who know us and know people with disabilities will share the power of a dream coming true through a direct donation to the fund, in-kind donations through contacts, and/or the identification of resources helpful to granting a dream.



If you’d like to donate to the fund or get involved in making dreams a reality, contact us.