Maine Woodworks

Maine WoodWorks, a division of Creative Work Systems, opened its doors in 1988 as a manufacturer of unfinished pine furniture. The company began wholesaling its furniture to retailers across New England and grew its product offering to include a traditional line and shaker line of unfinished furniture in both pine and oak. Seeing an opportunity to expand into the finished goods market, Maine WoodWorks began to experiment with painting furniture in the summer of 2000. Today, Maine WoodWorks offers a wide selection of painted and hand-rubbed, stained furniture in an unlimited choice of colors for the bedroom and beyond.

All MWW products are bench-crafted in Maine, from materials sourced in the United States: solid hardwoods, responsibly managed, from sustainable, FSC-certified forests. Also, all MWW coatings—every paint and stain—are low-VOC (volatile organic compound), water-based, and environmentally friendly.

Central to each and every service Creative Work Systems provides is the understanding that all people have a valuable contribution to make to each other and to society. By combining this understanding with our commitment to excellence, we can make a positive and significant difference both for individuals and for the community. At Maine WoodWorks, we commit to this principle by maintaining an integrated work force and opportunities for employment and on-the-job training for people with disabilities.

 To learn more, view the complete line, and find a retailer near you, visit the Maine WoodWorks website.