Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission Statement

Creative Work Systems empowers people with disabilities to live, work, and contribute to their communities.

Our Vision Statement

A World of YES

Our Values

Commitment:  We resolve to keep our promises.

Creativity:  We believe in uncontained access to innovative and effective possibilities.

Respect:  We recognize and appreciate the value of each individual.

Integrity:  We can be trusted to honor our commitments.

Optimism:  Challenges are an opportunity to ask, “Why not?”


Creative Work Systems envisions a world without barriers. We seek to expand opportunities for people with disabilities to ensure that all individuals have the means to pursue their potential, contribute to their communities, and be treated with dignity and respect.

We understand that all individuals have valuable contributions to make to each other and to society. By combining this understanding with a standard of excellence throughout all Creative Work Systems programs, we can make a positive and significant difference both for the individual and for the community.