Our People and Principles

Board of Directors
Edward McGeachey, President
Jim Houle, Vice President and Secretary
Jim Harrison, Vice President
Sam Marcisso, Treasurer
Denise Dix
Robert Rague
Brenda Smith

Executive Director
Heidi Howard, MPA, CFRE

Staff Leadership
James Flaker, Chief Financial Officer
Stephen Hawkes, Human Resources Director
Matthew Hickey, Chief Operating Officer

Deborah Drinkwater, Regional Director of Residential Services, Five County
Patricia Krohn, Director of Community Case Management and Planning
Mary Jo Marquis, Director of Social Enterprise and Community Partnerships
Jeff McFarren, Director of Community Support and Employment Services
Sally Mileson, Director of Residential Services, Cumberland and York
Christina Monagle, Director of Brain Injury Services
Steve Fortier, Director of Safety and Facilities

Jeff Baizley, Regional Program Manager Employment Services
Kevin Bolduc, Program Manager of Community Services
Alisa Billharz, Residential Services Manager
Christine Gallagher, Five County Community Services Team Leader
Joshua Graham, Residential Services Manager of Brain Injury
Nicole Linscott, Portland Community Services Team Leader
Tim Mishou, Residential Services Manager
Richard Norton, Residential Services Manager
Braelyn O’Brien, York Community Services Team Leader
John Rivard, Residential Services Manager of Brain Injury
Jamie Whitehouse, Residential Services Manager

Our Staff Principles
We will:
promote a culture of mutual RESPECT and KINDNESS
hold people ABLE
ACCEPT responsibility
appreciate UNIQUE abilities