Residential & Independent Living Services

Creative Work Systems (CWS) provides residential support to people with intellectual disabilities and acquired brain injury throughout Southern Maine. Services are designed to maximize independence and are customized for the individual. Residential Services range from 24-hour support to just a few hours each week, depending on each person’s specific needs.

Independent Living Services
Through Independent Living Services, support is provided at an individual’s request in their home and tailored to meet their needs. CWS can help with providing assistance preparing for work each day; planning leisure time and developing skills to connect with the community, relationship building, budgeting, accessing public transportation, and meal planning.

Supported Living
Through our Residential Services, we provide 24-hour support to individuals who may live in a home purchased by family, rented by the individual, rented by the agency, or owned by the agency. People in residential services require support with most daily living skills. Support is provided with household skills, personal care, and planning daily life activities. All people receiving services through CWS are active, contributing members of their communities, in whatever capacity they choose.

For people with Acquired Brain Injury, Creative Work Systems provides the residential support necessary for people to regain life skills. We believe that the best possible rehabilitation occurs when high quality, specialized services are delivered in an environment that promotes individual dignity. People living with brain injury and their families demonstrate tremendous courage, perseverance and ingenuity. Our goal is to nurture that spirit and to help individuals regain maximum control over their lives.

Creative Work Systems can help with:

  • Social skills: developing relationships with people in the community
  • Community access: identifying areas of interest, looking for activities, safety awareness
  • Health and safety: monitor medications, coordinate medical appointments, recognizing an emergency
  • Household maintenance: laundry, cleaning, paying bills, organizing, food preparation, menu planning, portion size, identifying balanced meals
  • Self advocacy
  • Self expression